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Welcome to
Find Art Society


Our Mission

The FIND Art Society exists to bridge the gap between the art world and the NFT world, giving artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to monetize their creativity and drive.

Join us:

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Season 1 Mint is active. We transformed this original Marilyn Monroe painting by Metin Salih into 1000 unique layered ERC-721 tokens. These tokens will be your exclusive membership to our society and unlock many perks and benefits including: the ability to take part in directing the funds of this project, voting towards our Season 1 Find Art contest, access to prints and merch, NFT airdrops from contest winners, and many more as we continue to grow.

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Road Map

Phase 1 - May-June

In this early phase, it’s all about getting things started and introducing the team. We plan to open Discord and launch social media platforms. In addition to this, we will also collect feedback from our early members to help shape the growth of this community.

Phase 2 - July-Aug

At this stage of the game we will introduce the artist and give a sneak peek of the very first 1000 NFT collection. Other top priorities include marketing our brand and 10 ETH contest, as well as defining our vision.

Phase 3

After the minting process is complete, we will launch the vote on The amount of votes each collector has directly depends on how many NFTs they hold; 1 vote equals 1 NFT. After the voting is finished, we will know which artist we will be funding for the exclusive season 1 winning 1000 NFT collection. Then we will announce the snapshot date for all the holders to receive airdrop. We will use 10 ETH to fund this, and vote on how to spend the rest. Other possibilities at this stage include finding a metaverse and potentially purchasing physical art for a future FIND Art Society exclusive gallery.

Phase 4

Season 1 will be finished at this stage and we will start planning for Season 2. Season 2 will begin with a new artist selected by the team, and we will release the second line of 1000 NFTs with added utility and benefits. 

Meet the Team

Our passion for NFTs is what brought us together. We have grown through our efforts to support various projects in the NFT space, and we have made many connections along the way. This path led us to one particular connection that is of great value; Roger Maggio, Chief of Operations at Artography Limited. A titan of industry, Roger has built an incredibly successful business selling art in the real world. Through his connections and expertise, he now strives to conquer the world of digital art. We believe collaboration with our community members, such as Roger, is of the utmost importance. 

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Meet the Artist 


Metin Salih International artist Metin Salih hails from a “Mad Men” –esque background; having illustrated and painted for almost every ad agency and brand you can think of. Influenced and inspired by masters such as Sargeant, Reynolds, Varga, Robert McGinnis and Robert G. Harris, his boldly painted portraits are created from a truly unique colour palette merged with an experimental approach to this traditional genre. "I don't post rationalise my work. I paint because I just f*cking love to." Metin has been continuously evolving his style as a contemporary artist in his own right. The illustration-based background is reflected in the hyper-real and graphic nature of the work. The accuracy and sophistication of his images is bolstered by a clear passion for painting. His highly expressive work is provocative and sexy; yet able to capture the intimacy and vulnerability of his subjects at the same time. The relationship between artist and sitter is one of ease and trust, resulting in a sense of individuality and character that shine through these beautifully alluring portraits. 

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