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Why buy FIND Art society NFTs? Excellent question!


It’s real art with real value. We take artistic pieces from the real world and turn them into a more accessible medium; we turn them into a unique 1000 piece NFT collection.


If you want to be a part of something big, you’ve come to the right place. Be a part of the search for the next incredibly talented NFT artist. Make a difference in a contest that’s first of it’s kind. Your voice matters.


If you hold one NFT, then you get a say. Help decide where project funds go. Have a direct affect on the future of this project and the growth of the community.

Special Events

Holding one NFT from the original contest, or “season 1” will get you the best perks and exclusive merchandise. You’ll have direct access to even more artwork generated by our competition finalists. 

How to Monetize
As an Artist

If you are an artist and you win he contest, you receive rewards in the form of ETH. It is our desire to help these finalist successfully transfer their artwork from the physical world over to the NFT world. We strive to be a society that rewards and inspires the artists in all of us

How to Monetize
if you are not an

Become an active member. Your voice and your opinion matters to our community.  As a holder you will be rewarded with a new NFT each season by our winning artist.


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