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Drop Details and Tips


  1. There is no exact timeline for the public sale start. We will enable it with a transaction send by the Doodles smart contract owner's address after the above steps are successfully completed. We anticipate this to happen by 7:00pm PDT. We will tweet at the moment the transaction is sent.

  2. Max number of Doodles minted per transaction is 5

  3. Genesis token #0 will be minted by the community

  4. Doodles Founders have reserved 504 tokens for themselves, partners, marketing and promos.

  5. The whitelist is closed.


Do's and Don'ts

  1. Ensure you have metamask as a backup method of minting if you are using a hardware wallet. While hardware wallets are a best practice security measure (trust us, we own tens of them), the latest EIP london fork has introduced issues with some providers. This may affect minting and we cannot guarantee your ability to mint.

  2. Refresh if you're hanging around on the page at exactly 7:00pm and wondering wen mint

  3. Use gas responsibly and check gas estimation services for latest prices

    1. Expect the gas price to be higher than what is quoted as the public sale begins.

    2. Use etherscan's pending transaction page to see what gas prices others are using to help inform your own gas strategy

  4. Be aware that you and many others may be attempting to mint the last remaining Doodles. The website will refresh the remaining count whenever the mint button is clicked.

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