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Provable Fairness

🌈The goal of these measures is to ensure that the collection maintains its integrity and allow you to prove that the ordered collection remains unadulterated.

The Shuffle

Each Doodle image is firstly hashed using SHA-256 algorithm.

The order of all 10,000 assets are programmatically shuffled on our end. The metadata shuffle seed is 80081355.

A combined string is obtained by concatenating SHA-256 of each Doodle image in the specific order of this shuffle. The final proof is obtained by SHA-256 hashing this combined string. This is the final provenance record stored on the smart contract before the whitelist-sale starts.

The provenance hash is 32223239cec3be97780fd6a43717feee6dc7d7c2d50fa31ef44d6fcead1a3681.

The Cut

After the whitelist-sale concludes, the project founders will reserve their 504 NFTs sequentially from the last token ID of the whitelist-sale.

In order to ensure provable fairness to this point, we publicly crowdsourced a "starting index number" by asking the Doodles community to participate in a reaction contest.

Each Doodles token ID is assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence based on the offset of this starting index.

The starting index seed is 57381

Metadata handling and reveal process

  1. After the finalization of art assets, we shuffle all 10,000 Doodles metadata files

  2. A provenance hash is calculated based on the final shuffled order of metadata files

    1. 32223239cec3be97780fd6a43717feee6dc7d7c2d50fa31ef44d6fcead1a3681

  3. We send a transaction to the smart contract to commit the provenance hash to the blockchain.


  4. Start and conclude the whitelist sale using unrevealed metadata

    1. {"image":"ipfs://QmRN6shMmgpvAdUkra7aXCKPaiKHVrJQAvHzDvToo9nhcB","name":"a doodle","attributes":[]}

  5. Mint 504 founder's reserve tokens. Unrevealed metadata is also used here

    1. First 101 tokens: Burnt Toast, next 101 tokens: Poopie Cat, next 101 tokens: Tulip, next 51 tokens: West Coast NFT, next 10 tokens: Alfie, next 15 tokens: Disclosure, next 3 tokens: mu5hy, next 3 tokens: 5molchonk, next 1 token: alphakek, next 1 token: bread, next 1 token: zigzag, next 1 token: clint, next 1 token: queen dorito fefi, next 1 token: synth, next 1 token: legal, next 5 tokens for any additional early contributors, next 100 tokens for marketing, promotion, auctions, or addition to the Doodles Community Treasury.

      1. A signed attestation by Poopie, Burnt, and Tulip will be provided promising that the tokens will be distributed in this exact order. No cherry-distributing here!


  6. Our discord public community poll was used to generate a starting index seed of 57381


  7. We offset the shuffled metadata by the starting index seed 57381 gathered from the poll

  8. We opened the public sale to begin serving provably fair, instant revealed metadata

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