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Our Mission

The FIND Art Society exists to bridge the gap between the art world and the NFT world, giving artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to monetize their creativity and drive.


It takes two. Two teams of experts, that is. We are supported by one team of eager players in the web 3 space that are experienced in community building and NFT marketing. The second team consists of specialists in the physical art world. With our powers combined, we are an unstoppable force for the good of all artists. 


We are a society. But not just any society… we are devoted to helping artists. We commit to releasing exclusive NFT collections from world renowned artists. The art we choose can be displayed both physically and digitally. 


Right now! It’s all happening in our community at this very moment. If you’re an art enthusiast, then you’ll want to get in on the action. 


Our collection will be on one of the biggest players in the crypto space, the Ethereum Network.


We believe in the basics. Through dedication, hard work, and collaboration with our community, we commit to having ongoing contests that are 100% about finding the latest amazing artists. We pledge to act from a place of confidence, build a brand while we educate the masses, and help everyone realize the true beauty of art in their lives. 


It’s simple. Art is beautiful and gives meaning to life. It should be available in many mediums. We believe that NFTs are the future and they are able to make art more accessible. 

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