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Jaguars are a powerful symbol of strength and protection. They can be a sign of independence without fear of choosing one’s own path. Their beauty transcends the natural world into the psyche of art and design. 


Which is what artist Sean Martorana brought together here. Originally hand drawn, his Jaguar is collaged it with other elements from his design library.  All of the design elements come together in these generative pieces. 


Framed by intricate design details the Jaguar is presented in 7 different color ways to represent the prism of color that lights up everything we see. The majestic animal is presented overtop various patterns designed by Sean Martorana for his home decor collections. 


Over all these pieces are symbols of abundance where most may not think it’s possible. May each one of these inspire a dynamism in all of us.


Sean Martorana

Majestic Jaguar Totems

333 unique polygon NFTs

Exclusive Mint by FAS

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